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It keeps you alive!Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition .

How To Guide by Don Feathers (2018-05-23)

How To Survive A Volcano

The first rule is “Don’t jump in.” Go ahead and laugh it off. Ha ha very original. Now that you’ve got that out of your system consider the following.

While cinematic moments abound with people leaping into live volcanoes the gruesome truth is you’d probably need the assistance of a helicopter to do it, because before you even got close to the caldera either your boots would melt making walking impossible or you’d get suffocated by boring old poison gas. You might even slip and fall ... Read the full article →

How To Guide by Don Feathers (2017-03-11)

Who Killed the Internet?

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I'd be horrified right now if it wasn't so entertaining. More hackers, more leaks, and more revelations are flooding the news cycle about how all our nic nacs and gadgets are collecting information on us to be used later against our interests. While the nothing to hide/nothing to fear crowd is doing their best to poh poh the headlines with their philosophic poison, it's starting to dawn on people that the internet we've all come to know, hate, and completely depend on is built on ... Read the full article →

How To Guide by Don Feathers (2014-01-14)

The Hammer- A Brief Guide To The World Of Smashy Smashy

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If you watched 2001: A Space Odyssey it's obvious why The Man had to take out Stanley Kubrick. He was a modern genius, one of the last great masters of Western Civilization, and without people like him around encouraging us to question our values it's much easier to kick off the Malthusian catastrophe that makes prepping insurance actually pay off. On the other hand he really liked hammers, monkey men, and space ships. Guys who like hammers are generally ok by me.

In the age of ... Read the full article →

Review by Barney Bernard (2014-01-02)

Petzl Sirocco Helmet Review: Is it safe to go ultralight?

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Last year, Petzl came out with the revolutionary, ultra-light Sirocco climbing and mountaineering helmet. What's so special about it? Well, it is by far the lightest climbing helmet on the market, has a very different foamy look to it, and only comes in one color which is bright orange. Petzl claims that you will not even notice wearing it. I can already confirm that this statement is absolutely correct. The Petzl Sirocco is incredibly light. Ultra-light freaks, speed climbers, and people who love flashy colors ... Read the full article →

Article by Don Feathers (2013-12-07)

The Shovel. Can You Dig It? Part One

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On the long list of survival and outdoor gear things like knives, fire starters, flashlights, and water filters always seem to take all the limelight. Even in 'theoretical' zombie melee weapon scenarios everyone want to talk about lobos, katanas, and all kinds of exotic coconut cracking technology that will inevitably sit around collecting dust until the big day comes and your friends suddenly find your hobby interesting and practical.

No Shovel = Not Worthy

But when they get their Priuses stuck in the mud and look at ... Read the full article →