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How To Guide by Don Feathers (2014-10-23)

Getting Lucky

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How Too Much Good Fortune Can Be A Bad Thing

The IKYA family just dodged another hurricane last week as Ana skirted the state, dumping some heavy rain and large surf but sparing us the damaging winds. That makes three this year that were heading right for us but decided to change paths at the last minute. The State of Hawaii has had a huge lucky streak when it comes to hurricanes, with only two notable exceptions. The most notable was Iniki, who basically set development ... Read the full article →

Article by Don Feathers (2014-10-11)

ISIS vs. Mexican Drug Cartels

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How To Survive The Baddest Of The Baddies

Editor's Note: We usually try to stick to advice and gear reviews but after becoming thoroughly disturbed with the popular topic among blogs and news organizations about arming up for some sort of impending war against the percieved evil of Islam, we figued it was time to really explore the heretofore unthinkable situation of an invading force taking over American soil. While the following article does not necessarily represent the opinions and views of everyone at It ... Read the full article →